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Inadequate Security Injuries

Being injured during a violent act can be one of the most devastating and frightening thing that a person ever endures. While injuries caused by accidents can be very debilitating, being victimized by an assault, mugging, or other criminal attack can be an even heavier situation to deal with. For family members who have lost someone to these types of acts, the fear and heart break can be inconsolable.

Our Premise Liability Expertise

In these cases, the victim and/or their family may suffer not only physical injuries, but emotional ones as well which may never fully heal. Although the majority of blame for these injuries is on the perpetrator, others may also be legally responsible. When a property owner fails to provide reasonable security in order to prevent such crimes, he or she could be held financially responsible for the medical bills, loss of work, and emotional toll of the victim.

Was My Attack Due to Property Owner Negligence?

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a violent attack, an experienced premise liability attorney can help you to determine whether or not a property owner is liable. If your attack occurred on another’s property, at a hotel, resort, on a cruise, public event, or other such location, you may have cause to file a premise liability lawsuit. The following issues could make the property owner liable in your case:

  • Were broken locks, windows, or other unsafe entryways a factor in your attack?
  • Was there a lack of security guards in a situation where they were needed; was the security provided well trained and in adequate numbers?
  • Was a secluded area left unguarded?
  • Was the area where you were attacked well lit?

What Should I Do?

There are several important steps to take if you or a loved one has suffered an attack as a result of inadequate security. Of course, the first contact the police and seek medical attention. If there were any witnesses to the attack, try and get their names and phone numbers. Although such an attack is a very emotionally damaging occurrence, there is no need to feel powerless. Take your power back by collecting all of the evidence that you can to make sure that all responsible parties will be held responsible legally.

If you can, get pictures of the scene and make sure too show how well lit the area was or how secluded it was, for example. Pictures are critical in such cases.  You may also want ask for copies of the police reports and your medical records from the incident. All of this can help a personally injury lawyer or premise liability attorney to determine whether or not the property owner is financially responsible for your medical bills, loss of time at work, and emotional suffering.